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Eurasier with cats

About us

Maisie & Nirvana

with Ivy cat

We are Philip & Lynn Pay and we live in Lincolnshire. Our interest in the Eurasier began in 2005 and since then we have been involved with Eurasier Society UK since its inception in 2007.  Lynn is now the Secretary, Membership Secretary and a member of the Health & Breeding Subcommittee

Phil’s story
We, well my wife, were looking for something to keep me busy when I decided to take early retirement. She thought that a dog would be good so she trawled through the internet and discovered the Eurasier. When I saw the pictures I fell in love with the breed. I thought they were absolutely beautiful, with the variance in colours, strong features and graceful stature.

We then found Chaospitz Eurasiers, they had six week old puppies and we went to meet them. They were even better in real life then we had seen on the web. Unfortunately we were not able to have one from that litter but we put our name down and were lucky enough to be able to take into our home a bitch from the next litter.

We named our puppy Pacha and after all the talk about the different colours she was a wonderful cuddly black and red. Once she was old enough we took her to training classes and quickly learned that she could get us to do anything she liked! She did though quickly learn our way, and we are all still learning. She is so much fun and has a fantastic sense of humour, always having us in stitches with the way she interacts with us.

We also have two cats, Holly and Ivy, and we were obviously concerned with how they would all get on, it didn’t take long though before they were laying down together and greeting each other by rubbing noses.

Pacha, and now Maisie, Layla and Nirvana, love to mix with other dogs and when we take them out all they do is play, play and play some more. Our girls are very typical of the Eurasier breed with a non-aggressive attitude, a good sense of humour and an intelligent mind, Maisie though does love to chase. They are extremely well mannered and obedient (most of the time), very easy to house train and quickly learnt both verbal and visual commands.

I could bore you with more but you really should see for yourself and get to know a Eurasier.

Eurasier with cat