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Chaospitz Sunday Girl at Glenwater (Pacha)
Female born 8th March 2006
Hips 4/6, Elbows 0/0, Patella 0/0, BVA Clear Eye certificate 2007
Thyroid clear July 2011

Pacha’s personality is quite typical Eurasier, she is reserved with strangers, but once she gets to know them they are a friend for life. She has a great  sense of humour and splashing you with water as she runs through puddles is one of her favourite games. Another is chasing squirrels, but she wouldn’t  know what to do if she ever managed to catch up. But best of all she is very loving and likes nothing better than a  cuddle from any member of the family. She is definitely a very large part of our life.

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Nirvana Hamarod Des Legendes De Retz at Glenwater (Nirvana)
Female born 1st May 2017
Hips 3/5, Elbows 0/0, Patella 0/0, BVA Clear Eye certificate 2018
Thyroid clear May 2018

We bought Nirvana in to add to our pack, she is distantly related to Maisie and her parents health test results are excellent, she seemed the perfect fit. It is always an anxious moment, bringing in a new member to the pack but we needn’t have worried, she immediately found her place and fitted in perfectly, even the elderly cats took to her. We think she is a stunning looking girl, she is very clever and picks things up much too quickly. She see’s herself as a bit of a peacemaker and hates aggravation of any kind. She is very friendly with dogs and people but can show that typical Eurasier reserve.

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Eurasier girl Eurasier female

Glenwaters Serenity Bay (Maisie)
Female born 21st April 2008
Hips 2/2, Elbows 0/0, Patell 0/0, Eyes clear, Thyroid clear July 2012

Maisie is the second born of Pacha’s first litter. It was very difficult deciding  which of them to keep but in the end Pacha decided for us. Maisie is a very pretty girl with appealing eyes and a playful, mischievous nature. Her and her Mum get on excellently.

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Eurasier girl

Pacha at six-months